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For the giver.

The lover.
The maker.
The builder of things.

For the colorful.
The spiritual.
The powerful.
The undone.

For play.
For prayer.
For work.
And then for exploration.

For the spirit.
For the soul.
For the heart.
For the unquenchable.

For those who love beauty.
Who seek balance.
Who crave meaning.
Who understand.


We are a tribe.

We are.





Inspired by the utilitarian lifestyles of Eastern spiritual cultures, SEEKER aspires to transport the comfort and thoughtfulness of traditional clothing into the context of timeless silhouettes. The garments are designed for fluid movement of both spirit and body, creating an intentional, ethical, and effortless daily uniform for today’s global citizen.

Built around a core of richly textured organic hemp and cotton, with occasional touches of silk, SEEKER blends earthy materials with an otherworldly minimalism. The collection is gender and age inclusive, and each garment is designed to mold to the personhood of the wearer, carrying them easily through all that life brings.

SEEKER is sourced from artisans around the world and made with care in Los Angeles.

SEEKER is an ethically sourced Organic Hemp, low impact wardrobe for the modern conscious consumer.

All of our fabrics sourced are GOTS CERTIFIED & Factory follows the compliance bench marks of Know the Chain international standards for fair labor conditions and fundamental labor rights. 

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